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New WordPress plugin that gives you a new way to do a dimesale.

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It lets you do this for people who DON’T buy. The first time they visit your sales page, they get your sale price. If they don’t buy now, the next time they come, the price is higher. You can do this multiple times.

So what? Well, price bumping like this builds scarcity and fear of loss. If I don’t buy now, I’ll have to pay more later… and I don’t know how much more.

You can even TELL them (and I encourage you to) that if they don’t buy now, the price will be higher next time.

It’s hands off, it’s as easy as filling out a simple form, it works whenever your buyer clicks the link (even if it’s weeks after you send it — so nobody misses your sales), and it works with JVZoo, PayPal, any platform that lets you clone your products and give each clone a different price.

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[GET] Bumpasaurus Review. Bumpasaurus Download